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bpcp is the best utility for copying files effeciently across the cluster. It is the bproc replacement for rcp and scp. It's syntax is compatable with rcp.


bpcp <source> <destination>

Both source and destination are specified in the form [<node>:][<path>/]<filename>

Any optional portion that is not specified will take on a reasonable default value as follows:

  • <node> will default to the master (-1:)
  • <path> will default to the CWD or on a slave node, / if CWD doesn't exist
  • <filename> will default to the filename spoecified in the source argument

As might be expected, '.' specifies the CWD.

For compatability with older cluster software, bpcp is syntax compatable with rcp. Thus, in source code, one may safely s/rcp/bpcp/g and re-compile.

bpcp /etc/sensors 1:/etc
cd /etc ; bpcp sensors 1:
bpcp 2:/etc/sensors 1:/etc 
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