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 +**Create a new swap partition:​**
 +fdisk /dev/sdb
 +1. press n to create a new disk partition,
 +2. press p to create a primary disk partition,
 +3. press 1 to denote it as 1st disk partition
 +4. press ENTER twice to accept the default of 1st and last cylinder – to convert the whole secondary hard disk to a single disk partition
 +5. press t (will automatically select the only partition – partition 1) to change the default Linux partition type to swap 82
 +6. press L to list all the currently supported partition type
 +7. press 82 (as per the L listing) to change partition 1 to 82 for Linux swap partition type
 +8. press p to display the secondary hard disk partition setup (1st partition is denoted as /dev/sdb1 in Linux)
 +9. press w to write the partition table and exit fdisk upon completion.
 +# mkswap /dev/sdb1
 +# swapon -av           ---- activate all swap 
 +# swapon -s            ---- show active swap
 +# vi /​etc/​fstab ​ and add the following line:
 +/​dev/​sdb2 ​   swap   ​swap ​  ​defaults ​  0 0 
 +After modifying the fstab, always check if everything is mounting fine with :
 +# mount -a 
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