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Alsa Proyect

ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) is a module of sound advanced for linux, under the license of gpl, is one of the systems of sounds but used by linuxers at the moment, its effectiveness and good modulation of dedicated sound this strictly as it says his definition to it to the system of torvalds, GNU/Linux.


In order to be able to use this module we needed the following requirements

  1. To use kernel 2,2 or above.
  2. To install alsa with its respective utilities.
  • alsa
  • alsaconf
  • alsa-base
  • alsa-source
  • alsa-tools
  • alsa-utils


  • To identify your card of sound obtained on kernel (PCI,ISA,Integrated…)

After of to have collected these data we must apply a commando who showed the type to us of sound card and if ours kernel has it located.

gin@gin:~$ lspci | grep audio
0000:00:09.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 05)
  • To apply the following command to form the type of your card of sound that you require to use in your system.
gin@gin:/home/gin $ make menuconfig

It will give like result the second line us that indicates the card of Sound.

  • We will apply the following command to initialize our configuration.
gin@gin:~$ alsaconf

Soon it looked for the type of your card of sound and to choose the correct one.

  • After that you can prove with alsa to mixer, to verify that it has been installed correctly.
gin@gin:~$ alsamixer
  • In order to finalize, you must add your user to the group of audio of the following way.
gin_at_gin:~$ adduser gin audio

Just i gave my user name as example, of course you should put the your. :)


So your sound its ready to make it exploit with you home theater. Get it and enjoy! :) Like always these was tested, and of course in Debian GNU/Linux.

Jesus Lugo 2005/11/17 11:01

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