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How to install Mandrake/Mandriva 10.2

The first thing you need to do is to download the 3 public CD-images from a mirror. Another requirement is offcourse a internetconnection. Here is a url to the list of mirrors:

You can use this to find a mirror close to you.

Here are some direct urls to the 3 CD`s. The fourth url is for the DVD-version.

When you have downloaded all images, you need to burn them on discs with your favorite burning software. When you have done this, you need to boot your computer with the CD1 or the DVD in the tray.

Installing the main system

Press <Enter> to start the installation:

The next thing you need to set is the preferrable language. This example installs a American-english Mandriva.

Then you will get prompted with a license. Read it, accept it, and click next.

The next step feautures the security level. Select <standard> securitylevel. Leave the <Security Administrator> empty.

Now we need to make some partitions on our harddrive before we install the system. You can set it to let the Mandriva installer do the partitioning, or you can do it yourself. In this example, we want to create a small /boot partition (less than 100 MB) with the file system ext3, a swap partition and a huge / partition (again with ext3):

Click on Next if you have all three CDs of the Mandrake Download Edition:

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